End of Lease – How to Ensure the Condition of Your Equipment.


The condition of the equipment you return is very important. Leasing companies are, first and foremost, a business. They will not accept a return if the item if it is not something that is in good working order. Therefore, if they cannot resell or release their equipment then it is the customer’s responsibility to reimburse them for the cost of the damage.

There are two levels of testing that are completed at different times. The first test is completed at the time of arrival at the location specified for your equipment return. This testing includes ensuring that the machine powers on, pass paper and searching for any major cosmetic damage which may include dented panels, broken parts or large scratches. If the machine cannot pass any of these initial tests then the leasing company may refuse to accept the return.

If the return is refused then the customer may be subjected to additional lease payments, property tax payments, and fines until the machine is either purchased at its current fair market value (FMV) or repaired at the customer’s expense.

If the return is accepted then a second test is conducted at a later date to look for any internal or less obvious damage. Damaged wheels or broken levels at the base of the copier, small scratches or dents, and wear on the touch screen can cost the customer several hundred dollars even after the lease is considered ‘closed’. So how do you prevent these charges?

We recommend that you utilize your current service contract to ensure that your machine is in good working order at the time of purchase. Keep your machine in a room where it won’t be subjected to moisture, high heat or heavy traffic. Don’t store it near any exits or closets where doors can open and cause any damage to the machine. Don’t ignore any machine errors or loss of quality and call your service provider to perform any machine repairs or maintenance.  When the lease term is up, take a video of the machine while it is making copies and prints to prove that it can pass paper. Take pictures of the exterior of the machine, documenting any cosmetic damage no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

A LOT can happen after you return a machine and you always want to make sure that all your bases are covered in the event you are charged for damage that was not done while the equipment was in your care.

At Capital Office Products all of our service contracts ensure that our customers do not have to worry about this process. At the signing of a new lease, their old machine is picked up from their location and taken to our primary warehouse where our expert service team inspects the machine for any damages or service issues. The machine is cleaned and repaired before the service team takes pictures and videos to document the condition of the machine. Afterwards the machine is stored in our climate controlled warehouse until we can return it to the lease return center for you.

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