Improving Document Security with Copystar MFPs

The transfer of information is essential to every business, but what precautions are you taking to ensure the information is safe, secure and archivable? Don’t worry, you’re not alone if these practices haven’t been topping your “to-do” list. Luckily, Capital Office Products is highly trained in finding simple to use, effective solutions to help your business’ document flow run as smoothly as possible.

Safety First!

Did you know Copystar MFPs have some great features built in to safe-guard your documents when transferring them over the internet? You can have peace of mind knowing your documents are safe when scanning to a local folder structure on your local network or cloud server. If you need to send sensitive information via e-mail, we’ve got you covered! Copystar MFPs have a built-in feature to encrypt or password protect documents when sending them.

Where’s my stuff?

Have you ever printed something to your office MFP only to find when you get up there it has grown legs and walked off?

In an office where dozens of people print to the same centrally located device, it can be a constant battle of “whose is this?”. Remember in years past the big clunky mailboxes that hung off the copier? Everyone had their own individual spot for printing. It was great and convenient especially if documents contain sensitive business and/or client information…until it stopped working. Luckily Capital Office Products can implement what we call “Secure Printing” which takes the theory of the old school mailboxes into the digital age. Your specific print jobs print out when you walk up to the machine. Voila! No more shuffling through the stack. Extra credit feature- you can pick and choose which print jobs you need when you get to the machine. No more accidentally printing an entire handbook when you really only needed 2 pages. After all, you’re going “paperless” right?

Speaking of the infamous business buzzword “paperless”…

What happens in 10 years when you need to retrieve the documents you’ve scanned in?

Technology changes at such a rapid pace that it feels like things are obsolete before they’re even sold. (Not true, but you get my overly-dramatic point). But in truth, most businesses are required to keep documentation (preferably digital) for a certain number of years. Have you ever tried to open a document that was saved a few years ago? ERRORS GALORE. Thankfully, Adobe has come up with something called “PDF/A” that is a file type that is guaranteed to be readable no matter how much time goes by. What’s even better is that Copystar devices are one of the only MFPs with the capability to save your scanned in documents to this file type right from the device. WIN for archives!

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