Is DIY Service an Option?

The question, if you were wondering, is whether or not you should invest in a service contract.

Unless you are certified in the repair and maintenance of your machine then it’s probably best to limit your DIY projects for that BBQ pit you’ve been trying to build for six years.

While it might be tempting to pull apart your machine to discover exactly what is causing the paper jam in the back of the machine or the dark lines smearing all over your pages you should resist this impulse.

Those who don’t know what they are doing when they pull out parts could cause further (and potentially more expensive) damage while ALSO voiding the existing warranties on the equipment and it’s parts.

You need a trained technician who specializes in the repair and maintenance of state-of-the-art reproduction equipment.

Additionally, not having a service contract can lead to:

  • Unexpected emergency repair costs.
  • Long waiting periods for specialized parts (assuming that you ordered the correct part in the first place)
  • Lost productivity and profit.
  • Overall dissatisfaction.

If you are looking for the ideal partner who can maintain your office’s productivity as well as your office copy equipment, you should reach out and see what we can do for you with a monthly service contract designed with your unique needs in mind.

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