Did you know your employees are printing money? (by accident)

Did you know most MFPs come with the built-in ability to monitor, limit and even prohibit printing? Why would anyone want to prohibit you from printing you ask? Well, it’s not you, it’s Chad down the hall printing text documents in “full color” by accident. Whoops, throw a dime out the window. One accidental color print, 10 cents, who cares…times that by 1,000 and your office just forked over $100 from user oversight. This amount is easily done in a week. YIKES.

I poke fun at Chad, but the truth is if your office has a color device, someone is probably doing this exact thing without even realizing it.

So, what can we do to help keep those dimes in the bank?


One way to reign in your printing budget is to simply start by monitoring usage. Often times, abnormally high color usage (read- $charges$) can be traced back to accidental user error or setting issues. By setting up print monitoring you can easily uncover these small issues that are costing you!

In smaller to mid-size offices, it might make sense to assign everyone their own unique code. In larger offices, assigning by department might be sufficient. It’s totally customizable and we can help you decide what works best for your business. The code is stored in the background of their print driver on their PC so it’s no hassle to them, and you can pull reports to see the number of pages each person/department is printing. If you notice that one PC is printing far more color documents than others doing similar work, its most likely a print setting issue that the end user is unaware even exists. Quick fix, dimes saved, everyone wins!

Added bonus- seeing who is mysteriously printing a bunch of color documents mid-November (hint- it’s probably not color-coded year-end reports).


In a business with multiple departments, some groups may not necessarily require the ability to have free reign to print in color like other departments might. Luckily, Copystar equipment can set limits, or quotas, on the number of color prints that are allowed. For instance, the HR department probably prints mostly text documents that wouldn’t require much need for color capabilities, while the marketing and sales departments are printing full color mock-ups and proposals to show potential clients. Here we can set certain limits per person or per department based on their needs. Once they’ve hit their limit, the machine only allows them to print in B&W even if they choose color. (These limits reset monthly).


DUN DUN DUN!!! That’s it, you’re grounded. You can no longer print ANYTHING in color, EVER! (Just kidding) It’s not that drastic unless you want it to be. Mostly this option gives you the option to disallow any color printing whatsoever for certain people and/or departments that might not need this ability. For example, organizations that are open to the public may benefit from this. Say you run a non-profit organization and volunteers come and go but the full-time staff is consistent. Volunteers could then get a certain code prohibiting color usage all-together while your staff retains their ability to print what they need.

Controlling your print output sounds like a lot to take on, but with our equipment, it’s fully automated. You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it, so reach out to us today and see how much money we can save your business.

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